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S u s t a i n a b l y   S o u r c e d.

E t h i c a l l y   D r i v e n.

C r u e l t y   F r e e.

P l a n t   B a s e d. 

C o m m u n i t y   O r i e n t e d.

E c o l o g i c a l l y   C o n s c i o u s.

the wild lily

All good things, wild & free...

The inspirations for these herbal creations come from the beauty and balance within nature. As we live in a world, consumed with illness, including unhappiness, we’re motivated to change not only self, but the world through holistic healing. Our products simply aid the body and mind to restore itself to health.


Our passion is not limited to herbalism, but extends to sustainability and animal welfare. We are dedicated to whole ingredients that are fair trade, organic and are of purest quality. We begin now as a small shop, but have aspirations in truly making the world a better place. 

C a m i l l e

There's always been the intention to have a positive, true impact and give back. However, the path to do so was never clear...never say never.

Long story short, I received separate degrees in Environmental Studies & Urban Planning then accepted a position which inherently showed me the personal and ethical sacrifices people make in order to compete in this world...this didn't sit well. Simple as that. That journey was certainly purposeful, for a time it involved my greatest passion, but like most things that aren't forever, but enlighten ran its course. 

I switched gears, gave the bird to corporate life (I understand it's for some and that's wonderful, we all have our roles and trust me there are prices to pay for those who take the beaten path) and enrolled to become a Nutrition Therapist, focused solely on holistic healing. If I've learned one thing, you can't help others OR reach your full potential until you love and  heal YOURSELF. So, that's our help those seeking physical, emotional & spiritual wellness, restoring the interconnectedness that exists within us and nature.

The wholeness we seek lies in the it's organic, unaltered, heirloom state. The wild lily intends to guide those looking for alternative methods to live happily and freely by supporting your greatest self. 

L i l a h (L i l y or L i l)

Ultimately, the push to pursue this vision, came from my little loves. Specifically, my oldest dog, Lilah ("Lily" or "Lil" to those who love her), who has followed me through every life decision with the utmost faith. They continue to remind me not only what it means to love unconditionally and selflessly, but that there's millions of soul's out there that need help.

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