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Who We Are - the wild lily

The purpose of introducing myself and 'the wild lily', in this matter, is to make clear our mission and intentions. I want to explain what we’re moving for over here (and when I say we, it’s really just my dog and I…for now), the word ‘moving’ used explicitly because we intend to change and shape the way we treat ourselves, others and our environment.

I’m sure you already have an idea that we’re earth lovers, all things green, all things good…it’s simple, we love. Some are born with this connection, others have to work for it and some will never get it (eye roll). This is a forum to enlighten, inform, motivate…to be a voice that shows you, all is not lost and change can happen in a moment.

What is the key or answer to influencing and having a positive impact in this world? You. Self-love is the most important aspect of positively influencing others. To the self deprecating and guilt-ridden (myself included), what happens when you take a look in the mirror and say, “I love you?" Take an inventory of the emotion that arises, it's a good indicator how you value self. I’m bringing up self-love because it’s where we start. It’s where our happiness lies, and our soul is nourished to allow our purpose to reveal itself (yeah, we all have one of those).

I don’t want to delve too far into the importance of self-love and self-care today, but focus on what ‘the wild lily’ is. We create remedies and aids made from organic herbs & flowers (sometimes we use the power of crystal energy) for the mind + body + spirit (because it's all connected people). The truth is, most of what we need is provided for us by foliage, earthly energy. We make everything with care…and love. We use sustainably sourced, fair trade ingredients because what we put on our body is critical to optimal function of bodily systems, and because we care about carbon footprints and preserving this planet.

There’s a movement happening and it’s called CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM. Let your actions reflect your values. In a slightly altered meaning of the figure of speech, wear your heart on your sleeve, dedicate your habits to purchasing ethically sourced, cruelty free, chemical free products because where it came from, matters.

Lastly, our dedication doesn’t just lie in creating purposeful products…we honestly just want people to be healthy and happy.

The synchronicity in the world, in all of us makes it too clear that if we are at peace…that light is spread to others, and then this beautiful chain reaction occurs.

In a nutshell,

we care about the earth,

plain. and. simple.

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